One­stop solution for doing business in Japan for Non­-Japanese speakers / Accounting・Tax filing・International tax consulting.

Incorporation in Japan / VISA Application

If you are planning to set up any entity in Japan, firstly you need to choose appropriate business type of entity, such as a Representative office, Branch, or Company (Kabushiki Kaisha “KK” / Godo Kaisha”GK” and so on). We advise which type is best for your business. Once you decide the type, our one-stop solution for incorporation and VISA application is also available.

Bookkeeping / Reporting Package Services

We provide bookkeeping and reporting package services.
These services can be customized based on needs of our clients.
For instance, if you have to use specific accounting system (i.e. SAP, Netsuit) for bookkeeping, we can use it based on manual. Also, if monthly / quarterly / annually reporting package in English to your head office (i.e.Foreign parent company)is required, we can also support them by using specific form prepared by clients. Of course, we can attend the conference call with parent company, if necessary.

Payroll Services

For local employees and/or directors who are working for Japanese entity, we provide payroll services, such as calculation of monthly payroll (including calculation of withholding income tax, social insurance and labor insurance etc.) and preparation for payment slips distributed to local employees and/or directors.

Payment Services

We also provide payment services.
In case that our clients do not have enough local staff for office routine work, we can do monthly payments to each vendor, including payroll and expense reimbursement to local employees and/or directors on behalf of our clients.

Preparation and Filing of Corporate Tax Returns

We provide corporate tax compliance services, such as preparation and filing ofcorporate tax returns.
Although Japanese tax returns have to be prepared in Japanese, we explain to our clients in plain English about the detail for the tax matters.

Preparation and Filing of Individual Income Tax Returns

For expatriates and proprietors in Japan, we prepare the required individual income tax return. Non-resident owners of real estate in Japan are also required for filing of individual or corporate income tax returns in Japan. We provide one-stop support for such owners. Please check the detail below For Non-resident owner of real estate in Japan

International Tax Consulting Services

For multinational companies and international investors / entrepreneurs, we provide international tax consulting services as below.

Examples of consultation:
Investigation for the treatment of tax treaty
Proposal of business structure from the viewpoint of international tax
Tax advice for Permanent establishment “PE”
Tax risk analysis for International group restructuring
Second opinion for specific business structure regarding tax risk

For Non-Resident Owner of Property in Japan

For Non-resident owner of property such as real estate in Japan, we provide one-stop solution for such owners. We support the necessary procedures in Japan at each phase from purchase to sale. At purchase phase, we provide the professional advice about the appropriate scheme for investments, that is, whether owner should directly purchase the real estate in Japan, orshould purchase through company incorporated in Japan. For rent income after purchase, we provide local tax compliance services, such as tax agent, preparation and filing of necessary tax returns in Japan. We also support tax filing at the point of sale.

Other Personalized Services

We provide personalized services based on our client’s request. For example, in case tax returns for both company and individual are required, we advise best allocation of profits, that is, best balance of director’s fee and company’s profit. For any complicated tax matter, we propose personalized services based on your request.