One­stop solution for doing business in Japan for Non­-Japanese speakers / Accounting・Tax filing・International tax consulting.


For Both Individuals and Corporations

Tax advice on-call services (including book review) JPY30,000~/month
Bookkeeping services JPY20,000~/month
Set price for Tax advice and Bookkeeping services JPY40,000~/month
Preparation for reporting package to head office Separate estimate
Payroll services JPY30,000~/month
Payments services JPY20,000~/month

For Corporations

Preparation and filing of corporate tax returns
(including preparation for annual financial statements in Japanese
which has to be attached to corporate income tax return)
Preparation and filing of Consumption tax return (if necessary) JPY40,000~
Preparation for Depreciable assets tax return (if necessary) JPY40,000~
Preparation for Business office tax return (if necessary) JPY40,000~

For Individuals / Expatriates

Preparation and filing of individual incometax returnfor proprietor / expats
Basic fee (this is charged for all types of income) JPY70,000
Additional charge for each income Payroll income No additional charge
Business income (Self employed income) Separately Estimate
Income from real estate (Japan) JPY30,000~
Income from real estate (overseas) JPY50,000~
Dividend income JPY25,000~
Interest income JPY25,000~
Capital gain from shares JPY30,000~
Capital gain from real estate JPY30,000~
Other charge for special cases Tax agent for non-resident JPY50,000/year
Preparation for confirmation of the type of residents for non-permanent resident JPY5,000
Preparation for statement of the property and liabilities JPY30,000
Preparation for statement of overseas assets JPY30,000
Consumption tax return (if necessary) JPY40,000~
Samples of Quotation
Company doing business in Japan, which outsources just bookkeeping
(Annual sales JPY50,000,000)
Monthly tax advice and bookkeeping services : JPY40,000/month
Corporate tax returns : JPY200,000
Consumption tax return (if necessary) : JPY40,000
Total fee per year : JPY680,000~720,000 (excluding consumption tax)
Individual income tax return for non-resident owner (2 units) of real estate in Japan, whose income in Japan is only rent from real estate in Japan.
Basic fee : JPY70,000
Tax agent for non-residents : JPY50,000
Total fee per year : JPY120,000 (excluding consumption tax)
Individual income tax return for Expatriate (Non-permanent resident) who is working in Japan
(Income is composed of only employment income from Japanese company)
Basic fee : JPY70,000
Preparation for confirmation of the type of residents for non-permanent resident : JPY5,000
Total fee per year : JPY75,000 (excluding consumption tax)

Client Testimonial

Wayne Baxter / Representative of Wayne’s English school

I have used Shimada and Associates services for help with my taxes for the last couple of years. 
The service is very good. I always received a reply within minutes whenever I had questions and queries. They always provided me with clear explanations and every matter is handled smoothly. Dealing with Shimada & Associates is very reassuring as I know I can hand everything over to them and there are no problems. I highly recommend this company. 

Dr. Dirk Heinrich Neumann / JADEA K.K. CEO

With company headquarters in Berlin, San Diego and Tokyo, I can highly recommend the services by Shimada-san. He and his company work on solutions that were always suited to my company needs in Japan. Having a one-stop solution platform in Japan is very valuable and the friendly staff handles company matter bilingually. From a business standpoint, Japan has gotten more attractive over the past few years and requires companies to adapt fast in order to benefit from these changes. Transparent fee structures as well as knowledgeable staff make him a good and recommendable partner in Japan.

Varden Vadiveloo / Stylus Japan K.K. / Finance Director (Stylus Media Group)

We have been working with Kota Shimada for almost one year and have been very impressed by his expertise and understanding of our business. We have always received professional and expert advice regarding our accounts, payroll and tax matters. Kota always responds very quickly to emails despite working in different time zones. I would recommend Shimada & Associates to anyone looking for exceptional accounting support services in Japan.

Susan Spann / Author of The Hiro Hattori Novel

Shimada & Associates provides prompt, detailed service that makes filing my taxes easy. I recommend them to everyone who needs to file taxes in Japan.

As an American with income both inside and outside Japan, I was worried about filing Japanese taxes. Shimada & Associates made the process easy. Now, with their expert help, my taxes are always finished properly and on time.

Kota Shimada takes the fear out of filing taxes in Japan. Whether you have foreign income, Japanese income, or a combination of the two, Shimada & Associates can prepare and file your Japanese taxes promptly and efficiently—they make the process easy.

I am so glad I found Shimada & Associates. Their prompt, professional services make me confident that my Japanese taxes are prepared and filed properly every year—and they make the process easy.

Shimada & Associates takes the guesswork out of filing taxes in Japan. From proper reporting of foreign income to deductions like furusato nozei, their professionalism and experience makes the process easy. I recommend them to anyone who needs to file taxes in Japan.

James Chie / Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Head of a Multinational Corporate Banking Division in Singapore

I highly recommend Shimada and Associates as a highly qualified accountant for both individuals and businesses. This past year, I was looking for a highly qualified english speaking accountant who would be able to handle my complex real estate related tax matters in Japan. Thankfully I was referred to Shimada and Associates as they not only had an office in Japan, but also was conveniently located in downtown Singapore where I currently reside.
Shimada was extremely professional and answered quickly and coherently every question I had regarding tax matters for myself and my entire real estate investor group. Shimada and his team expeditiously handled every inquiry presented, while recommending the most optimal solution regarding my tax filing. As a result we were all extremely pleased at how smooth the tax filing process ended up, and found Shimada to be extremely transparent. We are excited to continue using Shimada and Associates as our tax accountant given their depth and understanding of Japanese accounting rules and doing so at a very reasonable cost.