One­stop solution for doing business in Japan for Non­-Japanese speakers / Accounting・Tax filing・International tax consulting.

What types of business structures are there available in Japan?

Mainly there are three business structures available for registration. We support which type is the most appropriate for your business in Japan.
Company (Mainly consists of Kabushiki Kaisha “KK” and Godo Kaisha “GK”)

Can we have a meeting before proceeding incorporation?

Yes, we are glad to meet you before agreement, so that you can confirm our office and staff’s atmosphere in advance. Meeting to do discussion for quotation is free.

Which area(s) in Japan do you cover?

Our services are available throughout Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Okinawa, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto, Kyushu area such as Fukuoka etc.). In case it is difficult to meet physically, we can use Skype.

What is one-stop support?

As we are tax accounting firm, we can support for bookkeeping, reporting package, payroll, payment and tax compliance services. Also, we have partnership with other professionals, such as a Judicial scrivener who is in charge of registration in Japan, and an administrative scrivener who is in charge of VISA application etc. Hence, you can enjoy one-stop support which covers from incorporation and VISA application to accounting services after incorporation.